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The theory that the minority of people in control of the masses use the media as a tool to keep them from questioning the reality that is presented to them ultimately preventing rebellions and feeding the addiction of power, control, and manipulation of mankind's destiny, perversion.

ultimate evil.
Mass media Conspiracy consists of a group of soulless evil addicts that lack any morality and are lost in materialism keeping the human consciousness from fullfilling it's potential. examples consist of the government, closed minded religions, public radio, american news stations, reality tv, authority, technology, fashion,legal and illegal drugs,celebrity gossip,mindless self indulgence and just flat out evil.

be above the influence people. just say no to the mass media.
by thinking man's prophet November 24, 2010
1)uninterpreted reality.

2) any concept the human mind can not comprehend.
unconsciousness, infinity, and nothing are examples of perfection.
by thinking man's prophet November 24, 2010
From my experience with police officers, music that is considered bad music to those with a connection with the spirit,and usually reflects the cop, money and power hungry idiots who only know what is presented to them and have no soul
Cop music consists of commercial music with no soul created for primary purposes consisting of setting trends, keeping the masses stupid, and fame and fortune
by thinking man's prophet November 24, 2010
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