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Booyah can mean one, all or a combination of the following actions:
1) The process of breaking up with someone on their birthday. Although the first case of booyah was committed approximately 3 years ago, the moral justification for such an act is still being discussed today.

2) The process of not getting sleep due to the fact that one was up all night quoting Liam Neeson films. An individual that booyahs usually organizes annual batman conventions and hosts weekly role-playing tournaments in his mother's basement.

3) The process of slitting your wrists to the point of feeling anemic for the sole purpose of writing depressing poems. When one booyahs, they are often situated in remote locations so as to be segregated from the rest of society. For optimal results, one should booyah on a Friday night. Since most people are outside enjoying their weekends, no one will even notice that you are gone.
1) Person 1: Dude, why did you booyah your girlfriend? Couldn't you wait a day after?
Person 2: Hehe...I really don't know why.

2) Person 1: The training is nothing!
Person 2: The will to everything!
Person 1: The will to act!
Mom: Would you two shut the fuck up and go to bed already? It's 6:00 in the morning.
Person 1: ....Release the Kraken!
by thewilltoact May 11, 2010

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Background information:

During the course of his life, Pedobear took up poetry and tennis for leisure. However, with his inability to beat even retirees at tennis and his poems revolving around self-mutilation, Pedobear became the victim of constant verbal harassment. The only places he felt safe were the showers in various elementary schools. For some reason, watching little girls shower made Pedobear's penis enlarge and that's when his desire for chasing the kids on the sidelines began.

Last known sightings of Pedobear:

One can be sure to find Pedobear parked at any large children gatherings. Some of these places include: camping out in ball pits, judging junior karate tournaments, hiding behind birch trees during a little league soccer tournament, and coaching level 1 swimming. In addition, you can find pedobear as a regular on the "Who's my Baby's Daddy?" segment in the Maury Show. He'll often attempt to deny that he's the father but is ALWAYS proven wrong by the result envelopes, partly due to his unexplainable desire to impregnate 13 year old girls.

Miscellaneous Information:

It is especially important to note that Pedobear wears red express pants when he is attempting to catch a child. If you see anyone wearing red express pants, assume the worst and contact local authorities immediately! It could save a child from contracting HPV or spending the rest of his/her life in a wheelchair.
1) Nancy: Now Chris, why don't you share your story to the rest of the group?
Chris: I constantly dream of having the junior girls soccer team lick hot nutella off my body, sucking the creamy hamstrings of the grade 4 soccer team, massaging the genitilia of preschoolers and sniffing the swing sets at local parks .
Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat over there, pedobear?

2) XX_slavetoanguish_XX: Age/Sex/Location/Pics?
Wide_fairy_princess: 13/female/Canada/That's me in my Witch costume!
XX_slavetoanguish_XX: That's hot...giggidy! Want some free candy?
by thewilltoact June 13, 2010

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