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Lederol is a looking leather-like cotton fabric, which was developed and produced in the 1930's.

It is also known as Imitation leather or leather replacement designates. The name was and is not not mark-legally protected.

In that GDR the production procedure was refined and used as material for the production of numerous articles. The upper-layer was rubberized and embossed for the following different kinds of simulated leather: cotton fabrics for jackets, coats, bags and hats, for production of rain protection clothes or protective clothing for boat operators and Motorradfahrer, in addition, for durable chair covers or book covers.

Production continued under the designation Lederol after the reunification of Germany.
Take your Lederol with you, it's raining outside!
by thewalleyewacker January 08, 2011
A hybridization of a nitwit and a hemorrhoid - often encountered in a bureaucracy whilst actively engaging in intentional obstructionist behavior
The nitrhoids are amongst us, and they are not sterile hybrids
by thewalleyewacker December 10, 2010

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