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Episcopal High School is a school where you go if you are either intellegent, athletic, charismatic, musical, artistic, or any that good stuff. It is also known as EHS.

Has great facilities, like a state of the art Science center, a amazing Art center which is full of beutiful paintings and pictures, a Library with incredible ammounts of books and movies to rent. It also has amazing faculty.

Of course, occasionaly loses to Woodberry Forest School in football, but the record is pretty close, around 50/50.
When it comes to most other sports, like wrestling, basketball, and especially soccer, with the EHS soccer team becoming state champions, EHS destroys Woodberry.

EHS is also right next to the major city of Washington DC, instead of being in the middle of nowhere (well, besides next to a farm with sheep- cough Woodberry cough- ) which let's the students able to go to see concerts, museums, plays, shops, and many other things.

EHS also have amazing fine arts and academic departments, with plays and artwork, and projectors all over the school.

As a final point, EHS has girls. Guess who doesn't.
Episcopal High School: Full of awesome people.
by thespeakerofthetruth November 20, 2009

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