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3 definitions by theshane

An incredibly brutal hangover, one that lasts for several days. Symptoms are much harsher than a regular hangover, incluning aches that affect the whole body and a reaction to
further alcohol similar to Alex from A Clockwork Orange when exposed to violence
'Fancy a pint?'
'Sorry mate I'm off the pop. Bad case of Beer Cancer
by theshane August 16, 2006
A tempting sexual liason with someone you really shouldn't due to any of the following reasons - too old, too young, too drunk, too mental, too disabled - but still posess a certain 'Je'nais ce quoi'

Something thats 'Good, but not right' (Mr Walker's catchphrase in 'Catchphrase')
"Saw you in the corner with Laura"
"Aye, reckon I'm in there"
"You do know her dad just died"
"Woah! Roy Walker!"
"It'll be good, but not right"
by theshane September 18, 2007
A sexual partner well past their prime. The polar opposite of Jailbait.
I'm not going down to the Wellie Park, it's full of stalebait
by theshane September 09, 2007