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A white man who dates or has sexual relations with black women
He does'nt care what color a girl is, that oildriller hits up on black chicks all the time!
by theshadow49 December 01, 2010
The male version of a "coalburner" or "mudshark", a white man who dates, has sexual relations with, or marries a black woman, and often adopts the behavior of young black males
What room does she have to talk about my brother being a Shitdriller? Her daughter is a Coalburner to every buck in the 'Hood!
by theshadow49 January 09, 2010
A white man who dates or has sexual relations exclusively with black women
That mudbear does'nt have anything to do with white women, but he's always hitting up on black chicks
by theshadow49 December 01, 2010
A black homosexual male Faggot+Jigaboo
"Shawn'te does'nt hang with the ladies, no, that Faggaboo likes big black dicks!
by theshadow49 January 11, 2010
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