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Someone who knows absolutely nothing about sports but immediately jumps on the sports bandwagon during the Olympics.
"OMG, did you see Michael Phelps' heat last night? I was rooting for USA the whole time!"

"Really? Name three other American swimmers in the Olympics."


"See? You're a complete Olympwagoner."
by thesearewords August 07, 2012
To be so repulsed by a mental image that it invokes mental and/or actual vomiting.
"Dude, your mom's pretty hot. I can imagine her in a bikini right now."

"I think you mean vomagine *pukes* "
by thesearewords August 06, 2012
When you must refrain from liking, commenting, posting, reblogging, retweeting, or anything of the sort because you told someone you were going to bed.
"Ugh, the one time my News Feed actually has posts worth commenting on, I'm on Virtual Probation."
by thesearewords August 09, 2012
A facial expression that is meant to express grief, but just makes you look like you're having an orgasm instead.
Jessie's O-no Face made her seem far less like she was in emotional turmoil, and much more like she just climaxed.
by thesearewords August 09, 2012

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