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A skater girl is one of the following two:

A female who skateboards for the genuine love and fascination of it


In an attempt to meet guys who skateboard.

Some females don't mind being called "skater girl" while others do. However, the reality of the term is that it separates females subtly from what they are. Skaters. Unlike males who skateboard, females are called "skater girls" rather than just skaters. The reason for this would be the male domination of the skateboarding. That still does not take away from the fact that skateboarding has and always will be something females can excel in just as much or more than males do. When looking back or taking a current look, we all need to remember women have existed within the skateboarding scene since it's beginning. So when looking at the archetypes of the sport, don't just consider Jay Adams, Tony Alva, or Duane Peters, think Peggy Oki, Lauren Thornhill, Kim Cesepedes, or Stephanie Person. They all had a place in the scene, and they all paved a way for the females to come. Thank them, respect them, be aware of them, and most of all shred with them.
A genuine female skater: I finally learned how to do crooked grind!

Skater Girl: Erick Koston is so fucking hot. I love those shoes.

Skater Girl vs Skater, which will you be?
by thereslaurence November 03, 2008

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