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3 definitions by therealskeeter

The most magnificant excremental creation.
Pull that pillow out my ass and let it coil in the bowl. Now that's a good poopystack!
by therealskeeter June 27, 2006
Sketti that you make when you're too stoned to make regular sketti.
Let's roast a Marley and make stoner sketti tonight!
by therealskeeter October 20, 2006
The act of shooting fear, anger, or disappointment into another person. Instructions-
1)Tilt your head slightly to the direction of the victim
2)Squint the eye closest to your target
3)Give an angry or disappointed facial expression
Person 1: We just flew by that guy in the white truck.
Person 2: Oh SHIT, he just shot me with a lazer eye!

Driver: That'll teach those cocksuckers!
by therealskeeter June 27, 2006