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-People who insult everyone who has a different opinion than theirs, usually with a personal, racial, or gay slur.
-People who become alcoholics and/or do drugs just because “it’s cool.”
-People who tend to be impulsive; an example of which, is a tendency to use unwanted physical contact on another person, or making statements in complete ignorance.
-People who act like a bitch because someone doesn’t want to do something for them.
-People who only ever need you to use you.
-People who behave like hypocrites too often.
-People who constantly bitch about their life when they have it better than who they are bitching to, or for attention.
-People who talk shit because they’re insecure about themselves, then get upset when the person finds out.
-People who offensively use words that are not interchangeable because they are too ignorant to educate themselves.
Your little brother may be immature
by therealdeal,itsbacon October 09, 2011

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