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A specific high-grade marijuana strain originating in Jamacia... was said to be Bob Marley's favorite strain... a skunk variety, finishing in 8-10 wks..very few people have the real deal...maybe a handful..not available anywhere that is known...the taste and smell are unmistakable, not like ANY other skunk variety out there...does not even smell similiar, more like a breeze of fresh air...In the top five most unique (best) strains on the planet, and one of the least known
"Jah rasta-fari..that be da best Lambsbread i eva smoked, mon!"..
by therealTOF February 20, 2007
West Coast High Grade Marijuana strain.... origin not known, but thought to be out of Canada..... has a unique shiny dark green leaf, and is covered in crystals....not the best of the best but does the job..finishes in 8-10 weeks
"man, this diamond cutter smells like a skunk!"
by therealTOF February 20, 2007

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