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A Fart Parcel is a gift achieved by storing bodily gasses in a cardboard cuboid structure of matter.

fart parcels are great gifts for children
My dad got me a fart parcel for Christmas. It stunk
by thephantomdoodler August 18, 2009
A rare condition that originated in the North of England where peoples lips form the shape and attitude of a common crab.

Sideways talking is usually a result.

It's only cure is to dip your face in boiling water.
Johnny your girlfriend has some damn crabby lips. It makes me physically sick
by thephantomdoodler August 18, 2009
To peck or "nip" at a recently produced human excrement.
Hey Urkle , check out that Turdnip over there. Hes eating all my fresh shits
by thephantomdoodler August 18, 2009
Croutsnatch: To snatch the earlobe of a German war veteran
I croutsnatched that old Nazi 4 times before he died
by thephantomdoodler August 18, 2009
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