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A WWE commentaer whos upper lip does not move
Does anyone else notice that Jim Ross's upper lip does not move
by theotherguyinabox March 08, 2010
This is when a person (male or female) feel that they should not have control over their own lives. This is caused by a troubled past or self hate, or being controled by family members (usually the parents) for to long (usually by the age of 18)

People who are like this uaually panic when given something to maintain or to look over.

However when they ask for something to control it is uaually something small to look over.

If this is not taken care of the person may become insane and sometimes suicide.

However insanity can also cause this if said person hears voices in their head.

Some of the signs are:

lack of apatite

dangerous levels of alcohol/drug in take
deep depression
feeling the need to stay in
lack of interest in normal everyday things
not taking care of oneself
Some suicide victims have self denied control and feel that they can't live without being controled
by theotherguyinabox March 11, 2010
A person, usually male, who has started to go though puberty, who tries to act tough and sexual to the opposite sex
Guy: My brother is being a tit bisket, he's even thried hitting on my girlfriend

Girl: I remember when i was 13 I was a tit bisket because my breats started to form.
by theotherguyinabox March 08, 2010
A party loner is someone ,male or female, who goes to a party and hangs out in a corner hoping not to be seen or recognized. They are usually shy can have trouble talking to member of the opposite sex that they are interested in, reagardless if they have friends of the opposite sex.

92% of party loners have high IQs and nerdy and/or geeky
MAn 1: I wish You didn't drag me here.
MAn 2: What's the problem?

Man1: I'm just going to be a party loner
by theotherguyinabox March 11, 2010
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