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An insult used on a person who knows alot bout Heavy Metal, because he refuses to accept the insulter's favorite Grindcore Punk band as being part of this music genre.

"Metal Elitists" are usually described as being rude. This might be true or not depending on how long they have been listening to Heavy Metal and the character of the person itself. A "Metal Elitist" who has been listening to Heavy Metal for example 7 years are actually the usual ones being bullied.
Dude1: - "DAMN, Avenged Sevenfold is the greatest 'Metal' band THAT EVER LIVED!"

Dude2 (supposed Metal Elitist): - "I don't think they are Heavy Metal, they're more like a combination of Hardcore Punk intrumentals with Emo Punk vocals, and a small but not significant touch of Heavy Metal. I would call them Punk.

Dude1: - "ZOMG, what are you talking about? THEY MAKE NOISE! Therefore, THEY'RE METAL! YOU ELITIST! I bet you think those old fucks Black Sabbath are Metal! LOL, you're weird.
by theonewholikesmusic January 12, 2012

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