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"People" of all ages usually between 12 and 15 years of age who will take credit for just about everything that they find. They are basically a leech-script kiddie hybrid on steroids.

Ripkiddie symtoms:
-Take credit for graphics work, especially internet forum signatures
-Copy, paste, use any scripts they can get their hands on, usually php and perl scripts, and of course take credit for them if they post them somewhere
-Copy, paste, and post internet forum threads
-Brag about the skills that they wish they had

You might also find them doing the following:
-DDoS any server they see and call themselves "1337h4x0rz"
-Use a single web vulnerability they arbitrarily found on the web to deface many websites
-Have a call of duty obsession and often have the phrase "modz" in their aliases
"The only programming language that ripkiddie knows is copypasta++."

Browse, select text, CTRL+C, CTRL+V, change credits, post, repeat!
by thenyan January 12, 2012
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