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when your ass gets so sweaty, there is so much sweat it gets a little soapy, and your ass is drenched in sweat and your ass cheeks might even be pruned
you could be sitting at a baseball game, just chillin with your friends, its a little humid you notice, suddenly you have to go to the bathroom, you stand up and your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend sees that your ass has two wet spots near the crack, one might say you have swamp ass or just imply that they are scared an alligator from your assmarsh might attack them
by themotherfuckingshit April 27, 2009
the longest fucking cuss word on the planet, used in anger, awe, for pleasure, or just for fucking fun
guy loses in halo and says
"godmotherfuckingdammit those deuchturds cheated"

a man after his wife leaves him might just simply say

also a bitch could be gettin some dick and scream

by themotherfuckingshit April 27, 2009
when a jewish person gets a dolphinoplasty (kind of like a sex change but instead a species change to a dolphin)
"holy fuckballs mr. shwartz is a jewphin after his recent operation!"
by themotherfuckingshit April 28, 2009
when you really hate someone so fucking much, you hope that they will be shunned to hell, and fucked repeatedly in the ass by either a huge black guy or a monstrous object such as a baseball bat or a rake
someone might use this word in such as
"god damn i hate molly, she is such a fucking bitch, I hope she shunfucked all the way to hell and back."
by themotherfuckingshit April 28, 2009
what it sounds like when a chinese person says holy moly
Chin Lee: "Herro buddy how you doing today?"

Lee Fin: "Me doing good, I rearry rike america!"

Chin Lee: "Hory mory watch out for bus!"
by themotherfuckingshit May 22, 2009
honestly i have no idea, i just once heard a retarded kid say it in my 7th grade math class, it was pretty funny
retarded kid says
"didder didder say the red headed shitter"

makes no sense and is still amazing
by themotherfuckingshit April 28, 2009
when you have a very greasy fart and there is a little something extra left in your underoos. you might !as well grab ya 2 pieces bread and some jelly cause you got some doo-doo butter
"oh fuck! i knew i shouln't have eaten seventeen tacos for breakfast, down i got doo-doo butter running down my leg!"

"damn r-kelly im hawngry, can i get a lil bit of your world famous doo-doo butter or do i have to go scrape it off some 12 year old girls face?"
by themotherfuckingshit June 05, 2009
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