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Old Dominion Club. After hours club in Richmond, Virginia where you are almost guaranteed to get an STD. Another usage is Ol' Dirty Couch, a piece of furniture that now belongs to Emily T. It came from the Baja Bean Company in Richmond and was the location of many a questionable bartender/bar slut after hours sex session.
"You going to ODC after the bars close tonight?"

"Which one?"
by themosh June 17, 2006
A really skinny guy standing next to his fat ass girlfriend, thereby making them look like the number 10. Very common around science fiction conventions and Renaissance Fairs. Theorized to occur because the guy is too much of a pussy to a). break up or b). slap her ass if she takes his food.
"See those geeks in line for the Star Wars movie?"

"Who, the guy and the girl in the Jedi outfits?"

"Yeah, they're a perfect 10"
by themosh June 11, 2006

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