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3 definitions by themanwiththeplan9192

An ethnic group, yes being jewish is an ethnic group, that originates from the southern levant and over the course of history has moved to many parts of the, especially europe, the middle east, and north africa.

For those who claim that being jewish is just a religion consider this. Geneticists have proven without a doubt that most of the people in the world who consider themselves to be ethnic jews are more closely related to jews from far away regions of the world than the host population that they live in. Meaning that a Russian Jew is more genetically related to an Iraqi Jew than a Russian and visa versa. Not only that Jews have their own separate culture. Examples of which would be the different languages that jews would speak like yiddish, ladino, judeo-arabic and judeo-persian. The Jews also believed in another religion than their host population. On top of that they wore different clothes and ate different foods. But most of all most Jews in the world self-identify as themselves as ethnic Jews, which is the most important part of defining an ethnic group. Also as a fun fact the national geographic and my A.P human geography text book say that jews are an ethnic group
Anglo guy 1: being a jew is just a religion!
Anglo guy 2: No it is a race!

Me: Since you to are both ignorant beyond all hope I will have to explain it to you. Being jewish is being part of a 4,000 year old ethnic group from the ancient levant.
by themanwiththeplan9192 March 14, 2010
When one wacks off as quietly as possible so as to not disturb the people in the same room.
Sam: I hope no one notices I am stealth masterbating
Girl friend: Sam ... are you wacking off!!!!
Sam: Oh Shit!
by themanwiththeplan9192 April 03, 2010
While having sexual intercourse with a women in the doggy-style position a man would quietly lean over and whisper in her ear "I have aids." Then the man tries to stay on as longs as possible.

It is preferable if the male subject isn't wearing a condom.
Rid em cowboy
Female subject: Uuugh fuck me baby
Male subject: (Leans over and whispers in ear) I have aids
Female Subject: So do I.
Male Subject: SHIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by themanwiththeplan9192 March 06, 2010