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A phrase posed as a questions by one bro to another bro to determine sarcastically or seriously question another bros sexuality. This statement may also be used as a pejorative statement to question another bros level of masculinity in a situation.
Ex. Bro (1.) "Yo bro! Go ask that bench on a date bro!" Bro (2). replies "no". Bro (1.) "You gay bro? You're not gay are you bro!?"
by themaddefiner November 29, 2013
A term used to reflect the overall excellence of a scotch. Some scholars have attributed the first colloquial use of the term in the greater San Diego region. This is largely believed to have coined by celebrity news anchor Ron Burgundy.
Mike how is the taste of that Scotch bacon you've prepared?

by themaddefiner January 31, 2014

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