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A protagonist that lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero. Quite simply, antiheros rock. Most of them are social outcasts, who have no desire for foolish things such as 'friendship' or 'trust'. An antihero can be a jerk, or even have every characteristic of a villain, but because success wouldn't be possible without their help, they are still considered good guys. Due to the fact that antiheros are not stupid, they probably won't do anything helpful unless they are paid, or unless there is some fine huny connected with the plot. Antiheros are 97% better off than most people in the world, in the way that, they are good guys, but they're not stupid, and they actually give a damn about money.
Hero: Oh no! I seem to be suspended upside-down over boiling lava, while several incredibly hot, young, teenage girls are being held hostage!
Hot teenage girl: Somebody save me! I'm so hot, young, and defenseless!
Antihero: Never fear! the antihero is here!
Using hella sweet kung-fu, the antihero subdues all of the hostage takers, frees the hostages, briefly makes out with a hot, young, teenage girl, and then frees the hero (after stealing his wallet).
Hero: Thanks to you the day is saved!
Antihero: Yes, yes it is. I rock. Pay me. Now.
But, as the antihero waits to get paid, he hears the sirens of police cars. Knowing that he is wanted in three states for identity theft, and impersonating George W. Bush, he hops onto his motorcycle, and drives off into the sunset, only to return another day.
by thelegendaryfightman July 10, 2004
A hr character who appeared seconds after 'Vinnie C' accidently mispeled 'Homestar' in the second sb email.
By far, Homsar is the best. Had he not been born, all would fall.
by thelegendaryfightman July 10, 2004
A superhero with no super powers or abilities, he is just a regular guy who gets into a lot of trouble. He doesn't fight crime, crime fights him. He isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but he always manages to somehow save the world, at the expense of (accidentally) destroying the majority of whatever it is he is trying to save. Overall Fightman is just a nice guy, who has a nasty habit of blowing up things (unintentionally).
Fightman doesn't look for trouble- he trips on it.
by thelegendaryfightman May 23, 2004
to take glocks (usually two) and run, dive, and shoot with them, killing as many agents or whatever as you possibly can.
1. run 2. dive 3. shoot. 4. look at the slain 5. laugh like a little girl at a tea party
by thelegendaryfightman May 19, 2004
A fairly good handgun, it is only second best in quality to some sort of portable nuke-launching handgun. It can also be used as a darn good melee weapon.
i.e. Hit foe in head with glock. Repeat.
by thelegendaryfightman May 19, 2004
Cute. All that is good in the world.
Guy 1: Wow, that chick is fiiiine!
Guy 2: Yep, she's really kawaii!
Guy 1: What?! But I thought she was straight!
by thelegendaryfightman July 09, 2004

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