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exactly what it sounds like. a disk drive that, instead of reading disks, dispenses tissues. usually made by gutting an entire computer, putting a tissue box inside, and pulling the tissues out through the disc drive.
"man, i need to refill my Tissue disc drive. I was sneezing a ton last night and I ran out!" "i couldnt find any tissues to insert into the computer though."

by thekittykat October 13, 2011
The condition of being so intoxicated (well over the standard tipsy, buzzed, inebriated, or even plastered state) that it will be a miracle if you live to see the next day.

The term was thought up as a result of the 2004 incident when An unidentified Taiwanese woman (dumb betch) died of alcohol intoxication after immersion for 12 hours in a bathtub filled with 40% ethanol (brilliant). Her blood alcohol content was 1.35% (which qualified her as being bathtub wasted).
That betch consumed so much alcohol she was nearly bathtub wasted.

I'm tryina get beyond blackout tonight, let's get bathtub wasted.
by TheKittyKat June 04, 2012
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