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The act of having sex using, with and amidst several of your favorite food groups. Safely, you must put down a shower curtain or similiar human/carpet barrier, and then enjoy a variety of puddings, cakes and similiar delicious edibles with your chosen mate.
Dude, we definately got to sloshing last night and ruined the couch. The chocolate pudding will never come out.
by thejackalope September 27, 2009
A portmanteau of "farce" and "narcissism." A self-aware, semi-ironic expression of vanity or egocentrism. May be a tounge-in-cheek way of displaying healthy, high self-esteem, a hyperbolic way of building up from low-self esteem, or a conflation of both. Used mainly to describe Twitter personas and Instagram selfies.
"I only brag about giving good head because I think it's hilarious. I don't really think it makes me special, it's just farcissism."

"Amy Schumer is my favorite comedian. Her brand of farcissism is so funny."

"Kanye West can't be that much of an egomaniac, right? Some of that has gotta be farcissism."
by TheJackalope May 27, 2014

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