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World of Warcraft is a dangerously addictive drug, possibly more addictive than nicotine. It alters your senses and your view of reality to the point where you no longer care about real life, not even enough to seek help. Infact, it makes you think you are someone else entirely. Like all drugs, World of Warcraft (know as WoW amongst dealers and users) is used in secret and abusers will never tell anyone they use it, except other users.
The plus side to 'WoW' is, although it is increbibly addictive and dangerous for your health....it will give you the longest, most epically enjoyable trip you will ever experience.
Bob: It's been a hard day at the office...I can't wait to unwind, enjoy a nice bath, eat some hot food and take some World of Warcraft!
by thehitcher03 April 08, 2009
Something that the youth of today detests, and the adults of today injest.
Kid A: That lesson on drugs today baffled me. Why would anyone destroy themselves like that?
Kid B: I don't know. Noone I know does it. And I'm never gonna do it neither.
Kid B: Daaaaaamn straight!

Adult A: Damn kids today, always roaming around causing trouble *puff*.
Adult B: Yeah, good for nothing minors. I would never have shown my dad the disrespect the media claims that most kids show their parents *puff*....damn this weed is strong.
Adult A: *choke choke* yeah I know what you mean...*puff*....we are.....we are smarter than the youth of today....*puff*...
by thehitcher03 April 07, 2009
A Comfort Wank is an act of masturbation carried out by an emotionally stressed 'wanker', in an effort to soothe his woes with cheap sexual thrills. After a Comfort Wank, the said 'wanker' will usually cry himself to sleep.
Jimbo had had a bad day. After drowning his sorrows in a cheap beer at the local pub, he hobbled home, crawled into bed, reached for his vaseline and had a Comfort Wank.
by thehitcher03 August 03, 2009

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