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Annoying, boring, mainstream rapper. (See lame) From his lame-ass lyrics to his horribly annoying voice, Lil Wayne still manages to sell tons and feature on everyone's songs. This is only because a lot of teens and tweens don't know shit about hip hop and think his music is hardcore so they buy it. Either way, just because he sells a lot does NOT make him a good rapper. There are worse rappers out there, but the fact that Wayne and his fans seriously think he's the "best rapper alive" makes him deserving of any hate, if that hopefully exists.
Teen douchebag: Yo nigga Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!

Me: That's funny because last time I checked, Nas, Rakim, Chuck D, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, Tech N9ne, and Eminem were still alive.

Teen douchebag: Fuck u nigga yous a bitch-ass nigga! Lil Weezy speaks da troof!

Me: Sure he does. Here's a lyrical comparison:

T-Pain and Lil Wayne - Bang Bang Pow Pow
I go so hard they call me go so hard
I go bonkers boy, I put that on my mom and ‘em
The hoes are all alike, they put the hoe in
I think all these niggas sound like me, That’s a compliment
I told a midget bitch, I do it big hippopotamus

Immortal Technique - Point of No Return
I know too much, the government is trying to murder me
No coming back like cutting your wrist open vertically
How could a serpent be purposely put in charge of the country
Genetic engineered sickness spread amongst me
My people are so hungry that they attack without reason
Like a fuckin' dog ripping off the hand that feeds him
Immortal Technique is treason to the patriot act
So come and get me motherfucker cause I'm not coming back
by thehickerap January 25, 2012

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