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A greasy black turd that sneaks up on you out of nowhere, having a foul odor and leaving a trail of destruction anywhere it goes.
Oh man I was trying to make it in America but this damn Barrack Obama popped out and screwed up my chances and took all my money, what a nasty, smelly piece of shit.
by thehacker03 July 17, 2009
A motivating crap, usually filling up the crapper, dark in color and rancid in smell.
Man that Belill i took earlier cleared the whole bathroom, I had to flush three times to get rid of it all.
by thehacker03 July 17, 2009
A Vietnamese man running around on fire.
Somebody go extinguish that hot charlie before my hut goes up in flames.
by thehacker03 January 23, 2009
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