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when all of the blood inside a partially erect penis flows to the tip, enlarging it to unconventional proportions, turning it purple, while throbbing to your pulse; while the rest of the penis, see shaft, stays normal size
"bro what the fuck! my tips turning purple, and i think its gonna blow!"
"shit guys, we got a purple throb"
by thegrandmalik22 October 21, 2009
an extremely exaggerated, over-the-top orgasm, most commonly found in pornography, that leaves the man to believe that he has "done good work," while actually failing miserably.
male- "oh yeah baby! was that some of the best sex ever, or what?"

female- "hell no! have you ever heard of a sargasm? grow a couple inches and come back to me..."
by thegrandmalik22 October 21, 2009
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