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Someone who repeatedly and demonstrably gives men the presumption of bad and women the presumption of good in every situation where gender is an issue. See also feminazi.
Thanks to my feminist wife I can only see my kids once a month, supervised because she lied and said I assaulted her in front of them
by THEGAME November 07, 2014
unique in this world . has unique talents no one can beat him
herry is the best
by thegame January 22, 2004
1. In terms of people on television/movies:

Intentionally staring, smoldering into the camera so as to make disturbingly mental love to the home audience. When done inappropriately, it makes the majority of the audience feel violated, while the other bits feel the need to reach for a cigarette.

2. In terms of (American) Idol strategy:

Intentional use of the "puppy-dog" face by male performers on and Idol show, usually a directed at the camera, done in an attempt to garner votes from suspectible teenage girls.

Usually results in a high barrage of votes, hence ousting a more deserving candidate.
Clay Aiken's constant eye fucking on American Idol resulted in hundreds of girls voting him into the final 2.
by thegame March 28, 2005
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