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1 definition by thedefinitivevoiceofreason

Trowell is a small village that has just escaped the grasp of Ilkeston. This makes its population extremely obnoxious and pretentious, although I believe non of them know what those last two words mean. Trowell people seem to think that they are more superior than the surrounding areas such as Stapleford and Ilkeston. However, regardless of their Nottingham postcode and phone number, they are still Ilkeston folk due to the fact Ilkeston is within walking distance. The younger generation of people that seem to circulate Trowell waste their lives away in a popular meeting ground called The Festival Inn; their parents are usually close by, in the next room or 5 yards away. Their ages range from 18 to 25 (give or take a few years) and they are already regulars at the local pub. This is incredibly sad and your heart has to go out to those youth and their boring, mundane lives. The older generation are smug, rude, grumpy old bigots, so it isn't really a surprise the younger lot are no better. Not all of Trowell folk are the same, but manners are that rare they are a currency.
jim - "did you watch TOWIE last night?"
jay - "yeah I copied their hair style"
ollie - "masod jdhbbks oij ishdbwbw"
bob - "£2.20 a pint? fuckin hell I only earn that a day moan moan moan moan" fuck off.
ollie - "jdajdkc ksa isaujhaj aikdja idjf a"
dan - "The only way is Trowell"
by thedefinitivevoiceofreason April 05, 2013