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Phrase originated in Phoenix, Arizona. This saying applies when one has decided to pursue a course of action that differs from what was previously planned. It also applies when changing the subject of a conversation that has either been interrupted by someone whom you don't want included in the conversation or that has become uninteresting to one of the parties.
- "Yo, that girl Shelly is crazy... did you hear what went on between her and Mark?

- "Nah man let's hear it."

- "It's crazy man, over the weekend..."

<One member of the conversation sees Shelly approaching>

- "Whoa. Cancel the breadsticks on that one."
by thedarkllama June 26, 2012
A guy who won't let you borrow a tool for a few hours even though he has like three of the tool you need.
"Hey bro can I borrow your drill to make two pilot holes to install my new bumper?"

"Nah brah you should go buy your own drill, they're only $50."

"I live in an apartment and don't have a big garage to keep a bunch of tools in, you fucking tool nazi..."
by thedarkllama May 25, 2016
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