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A word used to show indifference.
"Barack Obama, you are the first Black president, do you think you are ready to take office?"
by thecrazymonkey February 17, 2009
When you haven't flossed for a few days, leaving a fuzzy feeling on your gums.
"Ah man, my gums feel fuzzy."
"Oh, you have gum sweaters."
by thecrazymonkey June 04, 2009
A slut
You are a puerta.
by thecrazymonkey March 05, 2009
When someone is listening to their iPod instead of enjoying nature.
"Dude, look at that guy taking a walk in the park with his iPod on!"
"Totally man, he's full of iPod ignorance!"
by thecrazymonkey January 28, 2009
When Obama's decision to close Guantanamo Bay is enacted.
"Ya, I am so excited for the closing of gitmo so I can get out of here and kill innocent people just because their religion is different!"
*Terrorist #2*
"Aren't we all?"
by thecrazymonkey January 28, 2009
A disease where you uncontrollably go onto Facebook and poke every single one of your friends. This is usually a result of boredom.
I saw my friend on the library computer the other day, suffering from Poker's Disease.
by thecrazymonkey March 05, 2009
A website where ghetto black rappers go to find out new lyrics for their songs.
T.I: "I'ma go to Urban Dictionary yo, cause I'm black and I have no talent and I need some new words for my song yo!"
by thecrazymonkey February 01, 2009

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