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First discovered in late 2003(A.D.) "Clent" is a highly versatile word derived from the name of an English town, city, or.. whatever the hell it is... Its founders stumbled across the pitiful excuse for a place during a routine trip to Basingstoke, and found its resonance to be of a somewhat offensive nature. It has since been employed by perhaps five aspiring young rocket scientists as an expression for loathing and contempt.

1. Most swear words and obscenities.
2. Thrush, herpes, the clap, syphilis, and venereal diseases in general.
3. Anything worthy of the following descriptions: shit, minging, crap, etc.
2. Oh dear, I think I caught the clent off old Bertha.
3. This is a pile of rotten clent!
by thecannibal March 12, 2004

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