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A pillow partition is a section of pillows placed between two bedmates, who are not lovers, to avoid any accidental touching while asleep. The bedmates using a pillow partition are typically heterosexual males, who are forced to sleep in the same bed on a trip for logistical reasons. If one male is straight, and the other's sexuality can be considered a bit ambiguous, the pillow partition is a necessity. It can also be used to save face to any other males on the trip who might joke about the two bedmates sleeping together.
Example 1: "Yikes, I asked for a room with two beds, not one big bed. Luckily, they gave us enough pillows for a pillow partition."

Example 2:
Person 1 - "Damn, yall slept together in the same bed? Yall must be gay."
Person 2 - "Nah man, it's cool. We had a pillow partition, so nothing touched."

Example 3:
Person 1 - "It sucks that you're going to have to share a bed with Pat. I'm not really sure, but I think he may swing both ways."
Person 2 - "Yeah, I'm going to be enforcing a strict pillow partition rule."
by theboycalledhim November 07, 2011

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