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A krusty krab is a difficult, but heavily appreciated sex trick. Giving your partner an ole' krusty krab is simple, fun, and adventurous. For starters, get crabs (public lice). After catching crabs seduce your partner and quietly...quietly transmit the disease. Once your partner falls asleep, take a poop onto the floor (most effective if at your partner's house). After bowels have been released use a butter knife to paste the feces among your partner's pubic region. After this has been done depart from the residence immediately. When your partner wakes up they will find their pubic region covered with crusty feces. Later they will find out that they obtain crabs.
Dude can I catch a ride out of town with you? I got real drunk last night and ended up giving my girlfriend a krusty krab
by thebiggestneegyouknow April 03, 2011

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