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To seamlessly go from one sex partner to another in a series.
"Adam was with one girl after another yesterday. He was on an all-day pube crawl."
by thebetterfriend2 March 13, 2013
The concern that the odors of multiple scented products used at the same time will combine to create an ultra-stink.
Girlfriend: Holy hell. You're cologne smells nice, but overall you have awful B.O.

Boyfriend: Give me a break. I had to choose between cologne and deodorant due to a potential Conflict of Scents
by thebetterfriend2 January 06, 2010
The immediate sense of shame one feels after blurting out an insensitive joke regarding a tragic incident.
I had a great joke in my facebook status regarding George Zimmerman's ruling, but deleted it because of Too Soon Guilt.
by thebetterfriend2 July 13, 2013
An individual who is assigned the task of drinking for other people because they are driving, pregnant, or have to get up early the next morning.
Guy 1: Wanna play some beer pong?
Guy 2: I wish, but I have to be at work at 8AM tomorrow.
Guy 1: It's fine, I'll be the designated imbiber.
by thebetterfriend2 June 19, 2013
To openly be a fan of any of the Star Trek series and/or films. Also known as a "Trekky".
Nerd #1: Did you hear about the Star Trek marathon tonight?

Nerd #2: Affirmative, Captain. I'm gonna Rock Out With My Spock Out.
by thebetterfriend2 February 08, 2010
the enhanced efficiency provided by caffiene
If I don't have my morning gallon of coffee, I get nothing done. Cafficiency is the only thing keeping me from getting fired.
by thebetterfriend2 April 17, 2015
Using various bath products of the same marketing line in order to avoid a conflict of scents.
I have the whole Old Spice: Swagger line. The shampoo, the soap, the deodorant, and the cologne. Complete and total scent synergy.
by thebetterfriend2 August 13, 2014

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