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The act of playing two girls at once, usually one from a different school or college than the other, but still fucking them both without them having a clue whats going on.
Dude I was fucking this chick from Georgia then I came back to Florida and fucked the other chick im in with, what a double dandy i have working.
by theace May 06, 2012
When you are the first, or one of the vanguard, to do something, get into somewhere, or rock a particular style, you let everyone around you know by shouting, "Early!" Cooler than "first!" which is for lame internet people.
*Kid from Harlem breaks down fence at Nas concert and is first of a mob of people top bust inside and see show for free before security come and start beating people down*

Kid from Harlem: Early!


T: Yo, I hear the new G.I. Joe movie is going to be dope son.

H: Yeah, I already saw it on bootleg.

T: Word?

H: Early!
by TheAce July 15, 2009

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