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failmuffin is the best thing u can call ur friend... especially if they love the word "fail" and overuse it... but they are the bestest friends and they recognize ur true achievements

a pet name for some1 u think is cuter than a muffin with googly eyes but wold fail at being a muffin because they are too awesome and actively human-esque...
Elena: *says something dumb*
Elena: oh right, ur my little failmuffin!
Me: huh?

Elena: *does an epic flip*
Maeve: ohhhh rite FAILMUFFIN!!! YAY not fail :) :) :)

Tom: awww ur my little failmuffin!
Katie: awwww thnx! ur my little epic-love
by the_original_failmuffin June 02, 2009

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