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Otherwise known as a cold sore or herpes, used in the context that it was transmitted by someone of the female sex.
Guy 1: "Dude, you got some pizza in the corner of your mouth, better wipe it off"
Guy 2: Looking ashamed "not pizza, man. That bitch last night gave me a skanker sore"
by the13dead April 26, 2004
Combination of two phrases, the first being "Bumbling Idiot" and the second being "Fuck Up." Making the combined definition of the two: an individual who lacks coordination and social graces thus imparing them in such a way that their actions cause catastrophe.
Officer Number One: Did you see Johnson shoot that gun in fully automatic on the range and trip and take out a whole convoy on accident, I mean JESUS!
Officer Number Two: Yeah, what a damn Bumble Fuck.
by the13dead April 26, 2004
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