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Another mind-numbing over-hyped, under-talented pop group made up of complete nobodies who won't have a career in five years time and won't even be remembered two years after that.

Typically listened to by pre-pubescent children and young teenagers who have no taste in music and will eat up what ever rubbish is served to them. Typical music listened to is the likes of JLS, The Wanted and other god-awful mainstream nonsense.
One Direction fan: OMG!!! Have you heard of one direction?! They are like soooo kewelsiez!! I <3 Them!!!

Metal Head 1: One Direction? Yeah, STRAIGHT INTO THE BARGAIN BIN!!!! LOLZ!!! NEXT!!!! \m/

Metal Head 2: Erm, have YOU heard of DECENT MUSIC??? Jesus, what a load of utter shite!!!
by The Way It Is May 08, 2012
A collaboration of the words "retard" and "douche" which ends in a new-born insult.
Person 1: You're fat, ya bunter!

Me: Shut the fuck up, retardouche! Haven't you got some some sharp metal objects to go head-but?
by The Way It Is May 14, 2012
To shit one's self and end up with defecation on one's undergarments.
Oh no! My pants are caked! I hope it hasn't got onto my trousers.... Ugh! It's all warm and squidgy! It better not give me nappy-rash....
by The Way It Is May 15, 2012
Trendy's are the one group of people who actually look NICE these days. They have realised that looking grungy and dirty isnt good and also that socks over pants is BAD!
Male trendy is usually very good looking with spikey (preferably blonde) hair. He wears ripped jeans, good trainers or even shoes on occasion with a t-shirt with either a slogan, label or arty (often naked lady) on the front. He wears silver jewellery but in moderation, not over blinged like a chav You will usually spot him with several girls flocking around him
Female trendy is again usually very attractive with long hair, always neat and in the latest style. They wear jeans or denim skirts with small navel bearing tops, bags and shoes ALWAYS match the outfit and again they wear a sensible amount of jewellery. They generally recieve lots of wolf whistles from passing vehicles and building sites
Trendys are the group that really dont have any grievances against other groups in society, ie; moshers, goths, chavs
"ooh, look at that gorgeous guy at the bar, he's dressed well, very trendy"
by the way it is May 11, 2005

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