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Great drinking game, where there are two teams who race to drink there beers and flip there cups. Teams go in a line, first team to get all cups flipped and landed win.
I am so hung over, we kept losing at flip-cup last night.
by the two-can sam December 22, 2005
1. When it is freezing outside.

2. So cold it hardens the nipples.

Brrrr, it's a tit-nipple out here.

It's is a tit-nipple out here, Britney's nipples prove it.
by the two-can sam December 08, 2005
1. Fun name to call someone. Another way of saying sis bag.

2. A bag full of cyst's.
1. Shut up Johnny, you are just a little cyst bag.

2. Cut your cyst off and throw it in this disgusting bag full of cyst's.
by the two-can sam December 12, 2005

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