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In combination the contraction of Herpes, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. In other words a pure physical delight.
guy 1: dude, why are you scratching your balls so much?

guy 2: I got into some bad poochie and I've had the triple threat ever since.

by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
something contracted while under the influence of "roofies"
ie, a venereal disease, or a child.
Guy1: Dude! a small, furry creature just crawled out of your pants! WTF?
Guy2: Man! I don't remember anything after those Roofies we took...but I must have gotten myself a rufus!
Guy3: You must have caught the Crumps!
by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
A Small sea creature resembling a shrimp, but covered in fur. They are extremely posh and trendy as house hold pets on the island of Fiji, and as a result are near extinction.
Girl1: Did you dontate to the save the Crumpet campaign?Girl2: Shut up Bitch! I eat crumpets for breakfast. Delish!
by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008
A venereal disease contracted sexually in which small shrimp like creatures habitate in pubic hair. These creatures highly resemble ocean based crumpets, but are molescule in comparison. Easily treatable with douche.
Girl 1: WTF!!?? I just found a miniature shrimp in my crotch!
Guy 2: Holy Shit! You got the Crumps! You dirty bitch! I told you that your addiction to banging Hobos would lead to trouble!
by the triple threat gang March 21, 2008

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