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2 definitions by the real slim shady

those crazy- ass weirdos that have bulging eyes and mouths that move even when the thing isn't talking. they have a voice worse than LaToya jackson. They have out of tune guitars and funky clothing. I love em.
"we love the suuubbbbsss....subs are a doooooollllllaaaarrrr off....." you know, does a dollar really matter for buying a freakin' sandwich? i dont think so. Screw the cupons. long live the spongemonkies.
by the real slim shady April 26, 2004
Short for jive turkey and describes people who are bullshitters.
I about shot John after he called me a jt, but it turns out he really only called me a cock sucker.
by the real Slim shady November 17, 2013