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1. A horrible disease that's almost as bad a pregnancy. Symptoms include not living anymore, your body decaying, all of your money and possessions being given to relatives you may or may not know, and your body being put underground forever or being set on fire.

2. Like sleep, only more permanent.

3. Sleep's cousin.
1. Joe got hit by a bus and caught death.

2. Mom: O, Jimmy, grandma isn;t sleeping, she's dead!
Jimmy: Nooooooo!

3. Sleep: Hi, Death!
Death: Yo wusup?
Sleep: Want to come over? I have some Tim Burton movies u might like.
Death: SWEET! K I'll b ther in an hour.
Sleep: K.
by the pwn3r March 03, 2007
A forgotten condition in a law, agreement, etc. that allows one to interpret and, in conclusion, get around another condition(s).
Dave: Man, I fucken HATE that bitch.

Joe: Calm down, you know we're not allowed to hit girls.

Dave: Who said anything about "hitting". There's no rule against brutally beating with a medival flail. *evil glint* Loopholes rule!

Joe: You sick fuck.
by the pwn3r August 08, 2006
One of the greatest comic groups of all time. Movies of theirs include Horsefeathers and Animal Crackers. The four "brothers" are:

Groucho Marx - Very thick moustache and usually the lead in their movies.

Chico Marx - Noticable by his gangster-like accent. (not to be confused with "gangsta")

Harpo Marx - Never speaks in he movies (making him funnier).

Zeppo Marx - Usually the least funny and most serious Marx brother. Any jokes of his are very subtle or not as obvious as the jokes from the other 3.
Chick: Hey wanna go see a corny romance movie w/ me?

Dude: Sorry, but I'm stayin home tonight watchin' the Marx Brothers DVD's.

Chick: Who are they?

Dude: *pimp smacks her face*
by the pwn3r June 29, 2006
glasses. reffers to a new style of glasses someone got.
Mike: Yo, check out my new frames!
Ike: Glasses are for nerds. NERD!
Mike: STFU ur just jealous 'cause I look so sheckshay.
Ike: No, ur frames suck hog!
by the pwn3r April 03, 2006
Basically some good/desirable ass.
Whoa! Look at that assage!
by the pwn3r December 19, 2005
n. an organism that can live in extremely salty enviornments
n. a person who can not stop playing Halo
"I ate this pretzel with so much salt and it didn't make me feel weird!"
"Dude, you're like a halophile!"

"I played Halo for the duration of summer vacation with no breaks!"
"Dude, you're a Halophile"
by the pwn3r December 19, 2005
combined of "what" "you" and "say" as in saying the phrase "what did you say?"
guy: yo check it out i got an A+ on my paper!
dude: whachusay?
guy: I aced teh paper!
dude: schweet!
by the pwn3r October 13, 2006
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