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a shit sneeze is when you have a sudden burst of watery diarrhea that sprays shit all over the toilet or wall
i ate that nasty cheap mexican food last night and got home and had a shit sneeze,it was everywhere
by the one and only mole July 20, 2009
a girl that has a huge ,loose vagina that has been used and abused by lots of large objects and or penises,usually with a nasty odor to go with it
hey man i would'nt go near that slut if i was you she is a slop whore,i doubt you would even feel anything
by the one and only mole July 20, 2009
a nasty slut that isnt very clean,sometimes bad acne on her back or face and loves to fuck anyone or anything that will fit in her vagina or ass or both at the same time,sometimes accompanied by a nasty drug habit
that slut brittney has fucked everyone i know,what a filth whore...
by the one and only mole July 20, 2009

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