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a phrase that can be used to release one's self from the boring, everyday "what's up?"

popularized by the young and their affinity for intentional incorrectness; a small, subtle step toward the bastardization of the English language
Hey Two-Toes, what it is man?
by the mean bean October 05, 2009
a nickname for LaPorte, IN; sometimes used by those uncomfortable with the town's Hispanic population
"I need to get out of LaPuerto Rico and into a nice white town where everybody speaks English!"
by the mean bean October 05, 2009
one who has a mug that is ugly enough to give you the idea that it must have been smashed with a pipe at some point in time
Steve: I totally banged Sabrina last night.
Fred: Ew, no way!
Steve: You mean you wouldn't...?
Fred: Don't be ridiculous. That girl is a total pipeface!
by the mean bean October 05, 2009

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