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that first lil drop of clear liquid that come out of your manhood when you think you're gonna get lucky.
"Oh that taste? just a lil precum, my dear, don't stop now"
by The Jammer August 10, 2003
the soft fleshy flap o' skin that hangs down from the upper arms of old people and shimmers and shakes under the slightest movement of the rest of the body
Did you see Jagger's Biceptual Flappage on the Superbowl XL half time show?
by the jammer February 06, 2006
A proper noun for A guy who's face looks a lot like a cheese knife ( cleft chin or short beard optional) ( sometimes confused with a cartoon barracuda)
"Chris, look, it's the Schwizzler"
by The Jammer August 08, 2003
When you've eaten about as much clam as you can; mainly because she's gone for groceries
Go get some chips, I've had just about enough clamfeed for today
by The Jammer August 07, 2003
any tight panties or thong type apparatus that makes you even remotely think that the cloth may actually be riding up between the baloney flaps
you are walking on the beach or down main avanue and get the disting impreesion that the chick is doing a flying Walenda on the crotch of her undrthings you just shout out as if your hawking beer at a ball game,......"Yoi Strings !"
by The Jammer August 10, 2003
Refers to an arsehole usually larger than 2" in diameter (when not pursed).
If you peer into it you can see that it is the color of a sweet potatoe, or a candied yam.
She likes to take it up the yam traway.
She could carry lumber in her traway .
Look at the love on her,,,who a fezbien. Her yam traway oozes yummy
by the Jammer August 08, 2003
Also know as the "Coalminers Girlfriend" a tight water or gel filled tube that canbe used as a faux-gina (see faux-gina)to fill in on long camping or fishing trips or anytime you may think you are alone for 5 minutes or more.
The minute she left the house after I'd had my clamfeed, I slapped on a Minkman Sleeve and felt good all over
by The Jammer August 10, 2003
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