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this strange illness is much like the bubonic plague only its an increased explosion of pubic hair. it can cover your whole body making you look like chewbaka or it can make you look like a human tumble weed.
omg my pubs have grown so much like an afro

help i cant stop rolling becuase my pubes have entangled me

hey mister do you have a cure for the pubonic plague??

by the dark devil August 16, 2006
The term flange steak can mean alot of things normally as a funny word to make people laugh.
Flange steak can also mean one meaty pussy

The word is for humour purposes but it could be used in the bedroom
Licking your flange is like tucking into a steak

Hey guess what ....flange steak

by the dark devil August 07, 2006
the word dongwap means to be an idiot. it can also mean to be like a blonde if you will you say something that is obvious or something that is blatently infront of your face.
but if you are stupid you tend to think dong wap is an internet sausage friend.
the word dongwap can also relate to the word plonker
omg your such a dongwap
i cannot believe how stupid you are you dongwap
hey guess what your a dongwap
hey baby wanna see my dongwap rofl
by the dark devil July 23, 2006
the word tonka was originally used for the american toy trucks, around the size of a micro machine maybe a bit larger. the trucks were brightly coloured particular orange and red.
these have been around many years and still amuse children i suppose the equivilant in england is hotwheels.
the toy in the shop was a lil truck made by tonka
the two kids had a tonka truck race
hey hey hey dont hog the tonka truck its my turn to play
by the dark devil July 23, 2006
The word mean a cross breed between a monkey and a penguin. This normally happens when a specie or monkey gets hory and find a penguin in the zoo as they cannot fly away.
The term can be used also for someone if you are random or for someone who rocks side to side insanely
Have you seen that strange monkey penguin

Look at you...you look like a monkey penguin
by the dark devil August 07, 2006

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