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a slighty sly way to express the fact that your girlfriend is a fucking bitch, and probably fucked your friend dave.
"no honey i aint mad at you. (nyatch). what. no, i didnt say anything."
by the bilf October 22, 2003
riddles that are of a urban nature.
if you dont like my trickery, you can suck my dickery.
by the bilf October 27, 2003
a person who is white and thinks that they are iller than 50 cent. knaw wut i mean nyucka.
your little brother thinks hes in the fuckin wu tang clan. hes such a fuckin tang tang.
by the bilf October 27, 2003
I tell ya', that guy was such and asshole. but snap... he was a dilf!
by the bilf September 02, 2004
a shitty little suburban town filled with wiggers.
shiiiittt, im moving back to fremont?
by the bilf October 27, 2003
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