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Noun, plural. The two outer folds of the vulva. The labia majora.
"Put your skirt down. I can see your cuntflaps."
by the Snailfather February 02, 2006
(n.) A period characterized by high inflation and stagnated economic growth. Ability to use this word in a sentence inevitably labels you an economist, and therefore a nerd.
"... and this decade unfortunately showed us a period of stagflation ..."
by The Snailfather November 01, 2005
The sound a snail makes.
The snail exclaimed "oweint".
by The Snailfather March 08, 2005
Noun. A derogatory term for anyone of a minority group, especially a visible minority. Used by politically-minded Canadians with a prejudicial bent. The term is taken from Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, etc.
Basically, a Section 15 is anyone who does not fit into the general majority.
"That gay, black, Jewish guy is such a Section 15."
"Dude, that's like, racist."
by the Snailfather February 02, 2006
Derived from "homo" and "ner". A homosexual male with a small penis.
I'm not a homeowner. I rent.
by The Snailfather April 08, 2005
1. (n.) Any bad occurrence, in general.
2. (n.) An exclamation appropriate when something bad suddenly happens.
3. (n.) An inflamation of the liver. See Hepatitis.
The above are derrived from the song Chilly Down from the 1986 movie Labyrinth.
1. "That car accident was some seriously bad hep."
2. "I just stepped on a tack! Bad hep!"
3. "The doctor says that I've come down with some bad hep."
by The Snailfather March 10, 2007
(n.) Like a n00b, but worse. This is a n00b that is a n00b, always will be a n00b, and probably always has been a n00b. The absolute most unimportant, inept sort of person imagineable.
"You're so pathetic, you're just a n00body."
by The Snailfather March 10, 2007

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