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Completely and thorough ugliness such that it causes great pain. It's a phrase used to describe someone unfortunate enough to have been born so ugly.

Also, one who hit every single fucking branch in a fall from an ugly tree. Worst than the ugly stick.

Forget the ugly stick. This girl got run over by the ugly bulldozer.

Don't look now, but here comes an ugly bulldozer.
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
the measure of greatness of rank or position, size or extent, and/or significance or influence in the state of being a Bad Ass MotherFucker

On a scale of 1 to 10, Samuel L. Jackson is an 11 in BAMFitude.

Cracka Tim was inadequate in the realm of BAMFitude.
by The Real Governor August 22, 2007
An asshole or douchebag. Its a combination of douchebag and cock, but pronouced as if you were in New England.
Goddammit Colin, stop being such a douchekak and go already!
by the Real Governor September 01, 2007
what you say when u see a girl in the hall way; to hollah; used in Nelly songs including "Thicky Thick Girl"

Usually pronounced with an prolonged e sound on the end.

Also spelled skuwee, skoowee, scoowee, scuwy, scuwey, scoowy, scoowey, skuwy, skoowy, skuwey, skoowey, sckuwee, sckoowee, sckoowy, sckoowey, sckuwy, sckuwey
If an attractive girl/chonga/Thicky Thick girl/Scutta-Nutta Buttahead Skeet Hoe walks by, you must yell Scuweeeeeeeee!!!

Damn that girl is fine...scuweeeeeee!!!
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
Internet acronym for "bitch ass nigga, please..."
"Banp, quit tryin me, dog"
by the Real Governor September 04, 2007
A codename or soubriquet for fantastic morning sex; a meal, early in the day, at Sonic

breakfast: a codename for morning sex
Lets go have breakFEAST in bed.

I'll two Breakfast Bistros with Sausage, Egg & Cheese and a Breakfast Burrito with Ham...I want to have a breakFEAST!
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
a chicken head who takes her job super serial
I thought she was a Scutta-Nutta Buttahead Skeet Hoe; she really was an undercover cop.
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007

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