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A military term used by rank and file troops. Started in use during the Vietnam era and continued till the mid-late 90's.
The term describes a person who at all cost to his fellow troops attempts to climb the rank ladder. A kiss ass' kiss ass. A brown nose that will sellout his brothers and throw anyone under the bus.
Teddy, Big sexy and Guilermo are all cheese dicks.
Teddy snitched to guilermo about my space profile! That rat faced cheese dick mother fucker!
Big sexy snitched on (insert name here)so he could make Spc E-4.....what a cheese dick.
by The Prospect April 30, 2008
When an upstanding American citizen who owns a truck.

Takes a Child molester , illegal alien, drug dealing minority, Swoogie. Puts a noose around their neck with a long rope lead. Ties it to the bumper of their truck. Taking said Swoogie
For a high speed long distance walk out to the Desert.
Back about 20 years ago this was actually in the news.

A person got sick of criminal minorities in his town. Dragging one to his death.

Dude: See that pos ( wetback, nigger, spic ) drug dealer?

Dude 2: yeah the dude that smells like spit and malt liquor with the gold teeth
Dude: yeah that one.... Gonna take him for a long ride Texas truck skiing. Grab the rope for me
by The Prospect December 11, 2013
Carry a gun. Popular use vernacular during the 1880s.
I don't have to go heals to get the bulge on a tub like you.
by The Prospect September 20, 2013
An officer in the US Army in charge of a company of soldiers. Usually of captain rank
Which is basically just an E4 with a bachelors degree.

Stupid, vain and obtuse.
Useless as tits on a bull!

When leadership of the company rests squarely on the shoulders of the Non Comisioned officer corps!

Captain Pillai was a shitty company commander. And twice as useless! However he sure had a purrrrdy set of pussy lips
Captain Pillai sucked as a CO
Company Commander
by The Prospect September 19, 2013
When you have explosive diarrhea. You rush to the toilet barely get your pants down or squat. When all holy hell breaks loose. Like a howitzer packed with Dinty More beefstew. Hitting the bowl, flush valve, tank and wall. With an unholy stench of dripping turkey giblet ass gravy!
After eating at golden coral. Fifteen minutes later I had to hit the 'head' ( naval term for toilet ).
I barley got my pants down. When kabooooom !
I let loose with the Gravy Cannon!
The blast pattern covered the bowl and most of the wall.

ass gravy ass grenade
by The Prospect September 10, 2013
a highly accurate and descriptive word for someone of the lower genus of homo sapiens. Habitats include the lower income inner city slum tenements, border towns of the south west and parking lots of self help lumber and home improvement super stores. A group of people who will try to steal the wheels off a moving car
Hey spic put back that bicycle it isnt yours

Ci seeeenyor...I only wanted to use eeeet to bring my fameeely across the border.
by The Prospect May 03, 2008
After performing the act of docking the role of a male homosexual who gets banged in the ass by an uncircumsized man while giving head to another uncircumsized man then switching them .
Teddy was the harbor master for Guillermo and Spencer's sexual antics. Playing the switch hitter game to make it interesting
by The Prospect December 15, 2007

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